Breakfast and Brunch, Coffee, Wrigleyville

Southport Grocery and Cafe

Southport Grocery and Cafe
Breakfast, Lunch

Neighborhood: Wrigleyville
Address: 3552 N. Southport Chicago, IL 60657
Phone Number: (773) 665-0100

Price Range: $11-17
Our Rating: 2.9 out of 5


Bread Pudding Pancake


Fruit with Vanilla Vinaigrette


Grilled Turkey Sandwich

IMG_3232 IMG_3231


‘Klug’ Apple Salad


What We Tried: Bread Pudding Pancake, Fruit with Vanilla Vinaigrette, Grilled Turkey Sandwich (house-roasted turkey, honey mustard, prickled pear, braised kale, & barely buzzed cheese on griddled whole grain), ‘Klug’ Apple Salad (roasted & shaved brussel sprouts, zingerman’s goat cheese*, pickled pumpkin, pecans au poivre* & cider mustard dressing)

Our Take: Let me preface – we really wanted to like this place. Like really. The market-style interior was adorable. The shelves lined with delicious-looking treats with packages that just screamed “gourmet treat that you will pay way too much money for but will love all the same” enticed. The art on the wall said “you’re in a classy place, but don’t be intimidated.” Everything on the menu sounded delectable.

But then… we ate it. It wasn’t baaaaad. It just wasn’t anything to write home about. The pancake was pretty delicious, but for as good as the salad and sandwich sounded, they just couldn’t deliver. The sandwich, in particular, had all the things we love in it, yet we couldn’t really taste them. This might be a place to stop for coffee and a pastry on a blustery Chicago afternoon (Carolyn says it was delicious, worth going back for), just not to fit your big-brunch-out needs.