Dinner, Wicker Park

Big Star

Big Star
Lunch, Dinner

Neighborhood: Wicker, Park
Address: 1531 N Damen, Chicago, IL 60622
Phone Number: 773.235.4039

Price Range: $9-14 (without drinks)
Our Rating: 5 out of 5


Queso Fundido – tastes better than it looks


*insert praising hands emoji here*


Waste Not, Want Not.


It was that good.


Still pretty unclear which one this was.


When things got dicey.


Tostada de Hongos (Mushroom Tostada) was INCREDIBLE.


Yep, don’t know what this is. But it was good!


Meredith tries to be ~artsy*


It’s the thought that counts, right?

What We Tried: Chips & Guacamole, Queso Fundido, Taco de Pescado, Taco al Pastor (went like 8 deep on this one), Tostada de Hongos, Taco de Panza (?), Taco de Pollo

Our Take: This is how your trip to Big Star will probably go: You will arrive at around 4:00(?) in the afternoon on a Saturday after a Cubs rooftop (okay, the last part might be just us). You will find that the wait is rather long, so you will get a pitcher (or 2) of Big Star’s ridiculously good margaritas from one of their hipster bartenders and realize that waiting isn’t all that bad. Then, when you are finally seated, you will ask for more of the margs from Heaven. You will order chips and guac and some odd-looking yet amazingly delicious cheesey dip that you will later look up and find out is called Queso Fundido. Then, you will realize that you need to take pictures for your food blog, but your friends have already devoured all of the apps. You will then crack up and take photos of your blog partner/roommate/bestie and her “guac fingers.” You will lose count of the marg pitchers at this point. Somewhere in there you manage to order your tacos, and thank goodness you do. Because it is love. It’s that can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff. Not just infatuation, it’s true love. These are quite possibly the best tacos you’ve ever eaten. You will probably go on to make some questionable decisions that evening, but you will know that Big Star was not one of those questionable decisions. The next morning, you will wake up and realize that, while you remembered to take pictures, the focus is just a tad off. So you vow to go back. “For the blog.”



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