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iCream Cafe

iCream Cafe

Neighborhood: Wicker Park
Address: 1537 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
Phone Number: (773) 342-2834

Price Range: $4-9
Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5


IMG_2313 IMG_2315

What We Tried: White Chocolate Ice Cream with Nutella Swirls and Fresh Raspberries, Chocolate Ice Cream with M and M’s and Fresh Raspberries

Our Take: The concept behind iCream is fantastic. Patrons can quite literally design their own ‘zerts, choosing from ice cream (regular, light, soy, or organic), shakes, yogurt, or hot pudding. They then choose the flavor of their treat, as well as mix-ins and toppings. This is no ordinary Cold Stone, though. Everything is frozen right in front of you using liquid nitrogen! I was skeptical that this place might be sort of gimmicky and more about the experience than the ice cream, but my white chocolate/fresh raspberry/Nutella creation was delightful! There were a few downsides: prices were a little steep for ice cream, mix-ins could’ve been amped up (toasting the coconut, more fruit options), and the atmosphere left something to be desired. It felt more like a harsh fro-yo shop than your friendly neighborhood ice cream shop. I’d suggest taking your treat to-go and strolling the neighborhood while you nom!



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